2017 Fall Team Shoot


Thursday nights September 7, 14, 21, 28

Traps open and Team shooting starts at 6:30 pm

TEAM EVENT: Five person teams counting top four scores – Substituting permitted

50 Targets each night $15.00

1st and 2nd nights 16 yard targets

3rd and 4th nights handicap targets

Handicap yardage will be based on the team’s average of the 16 yard scores

PURSE $5.00

Paid out in Lewis class according to number of teams.

One class for each four teams. Minimum of two classes.

If you don’t have enough for a team, come anyway, we will help you fill one up!

Shooting ahead and making up will be allowed on 16’s and handicap.

All 16’s must be shot by the 2nd night and the handicap must be shot by the 4th night!

We hope you come all four nights; it would make for a better Calcutta each night.

Steak supper will be served on the last night.


After Team Shooting is complete

Entry Fee: $2.00

Must be a team member

25 Handicap Targets each night $8.00

Current ATA handicap with a minimum of 500 targets or 22 yards

Special Event Auction:  $5.00 opening bid

Pay out: 50%, 30% High Gun

20% to Lucky Place – Place will be drawn each night

Buyer 70% and shooter 30%

In the Individual Event if you are in the money, you will move back one yard the next night. If you do not place in the money you will move ahead two yards the next night. No closer than 18 yards!